Ancient Civilization of Baghdad: Optical Glass Lens from 2000 Years Ago, open >>

Art+Archaeology, open >>

Cho Duck Hyong, open >>

Cinematic Aspects of Cave Art, open >>

Cities and Urban Life in the Western Provinces of the Roman Empire, 30 BCE - 250 CE, open >>

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Desired Machines: Cinema and the World in its Own Image, open >>

Early Imperial Roman Glass at the University of Pennsylvania Museum, open >>

First Impressions: What Does the World's Oldest Art Say about Us?, open >>

Fragmentary Knowledge: Was the Antikythrea Mechanism the World's First Computer? open >>

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Hollis Frampton, For a Metahistory of Film: Notes and Hypotheses, open >>

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Paleo-Camera Theory, open >>

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The Sanctuary: The World's Oldest Temple and the Dawn of Civilization, open >>

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